Navigating the Ever Changing Music Business: OnCall Consultation

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Course Description

In addition to receiving the complete “Navigating the Ever-Changing Music Business” course, you’ll also gain access to our OnCall consultation service. As you complete your purchase, you will have the opportunity to schedule a private, one-on-one virtual meeting with one of our instructors. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to receive personalized feedback and expand your professional network!


Succeeding in the music industry has to do with more than just what you know.
It’s also about who you know.

Supplement your music business education with our OnCall consultation service. Tell us about where you are in your unique musical journey, and we will provide you with advice that’s specifically tailored to you. Each of our instructors is equipped with an expansive professional network and can refer you to the contacts you need to get ahead.

Lessons Include…

  • Publishing 101.
  • What is a PRO? Should you join one?
  • Sync Licensing: The Importance of Song Placement
  • Do You Really Need a Record Deal?
  • The Importance of Good Legal Advice in the Music Industry
  • How Distribution Has Changed Over the Years.
  • Do You Really Need a Marketing/Promo Agency?
  • Performing Live Vs. Live-streaming
  • How to Finance Your Music: What Is Crowdfunding, And How Should I Use It As An Artist?
  • The Music Marketplace Explained
  • Confidence: A Key Component To An Artist’s Success

PLUS – a 20 minute consultaion call with one of our experts.